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Hello all.  Today I’m going to use my blog space to promote one of my favorite Linux podcasts, known as “The Linux Action Show”.  Hosted by 2 righteous and knowledgeable dudes named Brian and Chris.  Their episodes are available as audio and Video files in numerous formats at  I find it to be a great resource to learn what IT Industry professionals have to say about Linux.

They abbreviate their show as “LAS” (for Linux Action Show).  The show itself, (in my opinion) is a discussion based show “about” linux, its uses and usefulness in the real world.  The show also discusses compatibility, technical issues, reviews of various Linux distributions, and comparisons to features found in other operating systems.

Here is the LAS OGG audio feed, and the LAS MP3 feed.  While you can get to the files in a variety of ways, the RSS links above are a quick and easy way to get a quick synopsis of each show before you download.  You can also subscribe to lots of other Jupiter Broadcasting shows using the iTunes Subscription button.  One of my favorite non-technical podcasts from Jupiter is called Radio Revolver.  It’s a collection of old-time radio broadcasts.

Enjoy, and remember, Linux has a learning curve.  But then again, so does anything worthwhile.

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