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Something completely different

When I blog, it’s usually about Linux, or Operating Systems, or cool things you can do with Linux or with operating systems. Today I’m going to post about a Television Ad from the February 2021 Super Bowl Game where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. The game is important yes, because my Mom was a fan of Tom Brady. We miss her dearly, as well as my Dad who passed a few years before she did. They got to watch the game together, but more important and significant (to me anyway) was the Jeep Ad that came on the screen.

Youtube discussion

Actual Ad `The Middle`

Why this Ad?

  • My Mom and Dad have owned Jeep vehicles for a long time
  • Mom became a huge fan of Springsteen after my Dad passed in 2018
  • Bruce lights what looks like a memorial yartzheit candle at about 1 minute 23 seconds in.
  • My Mom was 23 when she had her first child, born on Monday November 6th
  • My Mom’s birthday is the same day, and she too was born on a Monday. Monday’s child is fair of face.
  • The ad aired during the 3rd quarter of the game. I am one of 3 children
  • The date of the game was 2/7/2021. 2 x 7 = 14. My sister was born on June 14th and this was the first time she ever watched a Super Bowl game. She too was surprised and amazed at this Jeep TV Ad and how symbolic to my Mom it was.
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Arch challenge and KaOS

Hi all, as a linux user since 2003, I decided it was time to leave my comfort zone and take an opportunity to learn and do things “the arch way”.

My son has been using our old Macbook 2009 for playing Minecraft and while this isn’t a big deal in and of itself, it has been giving the computer a really sizeable beating in terms of CPU, GPU, and overall computer temperature. I wanted to let him play his game, however on a not-so-critical computer and spare the Mac.

We came into an older (about the same production year) HP G-60 laptop. I bought an SSD for it, and designated the machine as his to use for Minecraft. I now needed an Operating System. Of course, it was not going to be Windows anything. Sorry.

With an faster, empty, open hard drive, I wanted a solid linux distro that I would not have to reinstall every 6 months. The idea of a rolling release came to mind, as opposed to an Ubuntu LTS release, which I use now (Kubuntu 14.04) on my Dell.

That’s when I discovered the super-nathan arch challenge courtesy of the Linux Action show featured here.

I could have chose from among several rolling distros, but I came across KaOS, which is rolling, and arch-based.
KaOS is a lean KDE distribution.
I loved it, and got so taken in with learning how things are done in the Arch Linux world. The only downside I found was, after a while, my son actually wanted to “use” the computer and I found myself trying to get in my learning in the off hours.

That’s fine, but I then also reached a point where I was going against the main purpose and philosophy of Arch itself…I found myself wanting a system that stayed stable and would not require much fuss. I do know this is a conflict or contradiction in terms as Arch does not make this promise. If the computer were purely for my use, it would be no big deal.

Another awesome thing you’ll see with KaOS is that it uses Plasma 5 or KDE5 desktop environment. It really is a big improvement over KDE4, which isn’t bad to begin with.

If you like KDE, and are willing to use an Arch-based system, I recommend KaOS. However, be sure to visit as many pages of the website as you can, including the FAQ and the KCP section of the site to learn how KaOS does its packaging and the new things you can see at github.

Thanks for reading this far, and in good spirits, I’ll say that since I wanted a distro for the HP G-60 that would be easier to maintain and less fuss, I went with Ubuntu Mate, which is based on the 14.04 LTS. This way my kid can play, and when necessary, I can quickly and easily update and maintain the system.