Favorite Linux Apps: Audio & Video


This one’s up to you.  There are so many to pick from, just check Synaptic.

Digital Audio Playback

For an iTunes-style program, try AMAROK, and for simple playback of audio files without hearing the audible “gap” between song cuts, try Aqualung.

Audio Editing

I have used Audacity for simple stereo-file (non-multitrack) audio editing.  It got the job done, but arguably, there are better tools available for semi-pro recording on a Linux system.

Digital Video/Media Playback

VLC is a reliable application that can play many multimedia formats.  VLC sometimes comes standard with a distro.

Video Editing

I haven’t done much video editing, but so far I’ve tried Kino and I found it really easy to use.

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  1. adamlinuxhelp says on :

    Hi Best, sorry but the best place to go to learn more about video and Linux apps – would be google for some answers, or even check out the Linux Documentation project at http://tldp.org/

    Cheers and good luck,

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