Obtaining Linux

Linux: you can try it

When using a LIVE CD, Linux allows people to try it before changing their computers

You can try Linux before changing anything on your Hard Drive. This is one of the reasons why Linux is so awesome.  This allowed me to try out Linux and I still use it today.  I still try out Linux with LIVE CDs.

Many people purchase computers from online or “in store” retailers.  At Best Buy you can get a Windows-based or Mac OS-X based PC.  Can you get a Linux-based PC?  Well, I didn’t see any in my local Best Buy.   I’m not trying to generalize about all Best Buy & I hope they don’t mind me using their name.  But I’m inclined to believe that Linux-based PCs make less profit than Mac or Windows-based machines.

Let’s face it.  Linux is not popular among retailers.  Linux retail sales are probably low due to the nature of Linux itself—freely distributable, and a download gets it for you.  When you can download and burn your own CD or DVD installer, why pay someone else to do it, right?

Typical end result: Linux is rarely considered for purchase.  People don’t want to “tinker” with a “toy” —they want to get on the internet, check email, share pictures, and stay in touch with others.  Consumers can also be “brand-centric” (example: kleenex) and may feel lost without Microsoft Word.

A Linux operating system does all of the things that other operating systems do.   Using “LIVE CDs” permits you to try out a particular type or “flavor” of Linux without modifying your computer.  That is, unless you want to perform the install from the Live CD, which is not stumbled upon by accident.

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