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KDE: a brief introduction


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KDE is a desktop environment whose software is based on the Qt toolkit (wikipedia). It can be found in many Linux distros such as OpenSuse, Fedora, and Kubuntu (a derivative of Ubuntu).  It’s look and feel is different from that of the GNOME desktop environment. I’ve used the KDE environment a few years back, when I was running Fedora Core 4 on an IBM Netvista desktop machine.

While your mileage may vary, I can say that neither Fedora 4, nor KDE, operated very fast or smooth.

Then again, it could possibly be the result of an old, underpowered machine.

GNOME: a brief introduction


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Gnome is a popular desktop environment for Linux Operating Systems.

Gnome can be found in many Linux distributions as the primary or “default” environment.

Using Gnome, KDE, or any other Desktop Environment can be said to be of personal preference.

I have used both Gnome and KDE and both are wonderful.  But I won’t recommend one over the other.  I think it’s up to you, the curious and adventurous user, to experiment and see which one you like best. Read the rest of this entry »