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Posted by adam

We can help you learn Linux. Goals of this website

To help those already using Linux, or those considering switching to Linux from another Operating System. Every Linux user asks questions, even experienced Linux users—including me. Hopefully this site will be my way of giving something back to the Linux community.

Get Linux help in NYC

I reside in the New York City area. I’d like to help people (or local Businesses & Schools) realize the benefits and cost savings of Linux. Many people use Microsoft Windows because “it’s easy” or “everyone else uses it”. I think these are weak excuses for wasting good money. In my opinion, Linux has earned a reputation of being “difficult to use/install” or “for computer geeks/nerds”. However, Linux is useable for day-to-day tasks such as web surfing, extracting/resizing photos from a camera, reading/writing email and “office documents”, and handling multimedia files just as well as MS Windows or Mac OS-X. Some people don’t need so many bells and whistles on a computer. They just want it to work when they google, or they just have had it with all the viruses, malware, adware, and spyware attacking their computer.

There are many reasons to switch to Linux. To be sure, there are risks of “breaking your Linux Operating System and starting all over”. These are common parts of the learning curve. Luckily, you can try out Linux without changing anything on your computer’s hard drive.

Once you use Linux, you’ll discover how cool it is. Getting the hang of Linux takes time, and admittedly, lots of googling and patience. Doing frequent file backups to USB Stick or CD Rom is always good too :)
At the very least, you need to be an “adventurous tinkerer”. Nothing good comes easy. Some things are “worth the time to learn” when enhancing computer skills.